notices to customers · 19. April 2022
Dear Customers, We inform you that starting from Tuesday 19th of April 2022 until Friday of 29th April 2022 .....
Rally Meeting 2022 in Vicenza, Pubbli Mais is (almost) present!
events · 28. March 2022
The Rally Meeting 2022 took place in Vicenza on 19 and 20 February 2022, an event organized by none other than the multiple world rally champion ......

notices to customers · 22. December 2021
Dear Customers, we inform you that we are not operational in this period. Follow us on this blog to ......
Miracle, Pubbli Auto still exists and we didn't know it!

Pubbli Mais sponsor of Memorial Pianta in Turin
events · 19. October 2021
The 1st Memorial Giorgio Pianta was born, which will take place in Turin on Saturday 30th of October ...........

Small restyling
crumbs and actuality · 18. October 2021
The time has come for a small restyling at Pubbli Mais. We have finally found the time to adorn our small entrance ......

The historic duo Munari-Mannucci is recomposed ... or almost
events · 22. September 2021
When they commissioned us to create the writings of the famous Lancia Fulvia drivers - Munari/Mannucci - specifying that the ...................

Historical intertwining: the handover between Pubbli Auto and Pubbli Mais
crumbs and actuality · 02. August 2021
Pubbli Auto, founded in 1958, was a well-known historic Italian company that, starting from the early 1970s ...

Un another spectacular historical find
crumbs and actuality · 07. January 2021
A Christmas that gives us a very welcome and exciting surprise. Taking advantage of the winter break we started to put our archive .........

notices to customers · 19. June 2020
Buongiorno, informiamo la Spett.le Clientela che PubbliMais resterà chiusa dal 20 Giugno al 24 Giugno e riaprirà Giovedì 25 Giugno. Grazie

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