In this section of the site you can deepen the information about us, satisfy your curiosity and take a tasty dip in the past thanks to the large photo galleries and documents that you can view. Enjoy the reading!

About us

A presentation of our company from its origins to the present day and the main processes carried out, from graphics for historical rallies to processes for the best known Italian brands and names.


Interview with Mais Vinicio

The founder of PubbliMais tells, in the form of a self-interview, curiosity stories and anecdotes related to the origins of the company. A fascinating retrospective journey meeting and crossing famous names that have written the history of the car.


The historic headquarters of Pubbli Mais, where all the works for the most prestigious rally cars and for historic Italian brands and companies were born.


The current Pubblimais team introduces itself, that's who we are and what we do.


Historical processes

Old photo albums come back to life digitally. Click to view historical paintwork, helmets, signs, hand paintings, historic motorcycles and much more ......

Anectodes and stories

Anecdotes and small stories that happened in 50 years of activity that deserve to be told .... directly from the historical memory of Mais Vinicio!


The photos and documentation of the awards of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin issued to our company which in 2017 crossed the milestone of 50 years of activity.

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Pubblimais Rally Torino


Pubblimais Rally Torino




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