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Lancia LC1 Martini Racing Gr. 6 (1982, sports prototype)


Complete graphics

the images are purely indicative, the final graphics will be agreed in detail with the customer



Recently, Pubbli Mais completely rebuilt the graphics of this car in paint.



The graphics on the car were made by Pubbli Auto in paint with regard to the Martini livery, the side sponsors, the race number and the front Lancia logo. This decoration also covered the car's irregular and protruding grilles and details down to the smallest detail.

Everything else, including Martini stickers, were adhesive decals.




The realization of the complete graphics requires the delivery of the car at our headquarters in Turin (Italy) and can be performed in the following way:


Martini Livery completely in paint like the original with the same coded colors and the painting methods of the time that give an additional value of authenticity to the car. The tracing of the liveries will not be made with computerized masks but through a manual processing process, tracing by hand with the tapes all the graphic elements for an aesthetic result that is not artificial and not replicable but with an artisanal flavor: each graphic reproduction will be unique. The yield of the painted surfaces will also take into account the historical period therefore modern super glossy finishes will not be used if not present at the time.

Stickers of the original Lancia, Martini logos and technical sponsors logos, made with high quality conformable vinyls, applied with hot method for a very long duration. Possibility to run them in "vintage" mode for an effect that recalls the screen printing and the historical stickers.

The measurements and positioning of the liveries and stickers are very accurate and come from our archives obtained from the work on the cars of the time.



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The Lancia LC1 was designed by the Dallara engineer to replace the Lancia Berta Montecarlo Turbo and to participate in the Gr. 6 Sport Prototype World Championship under the guidance of Cesare Fiorio, responsible for the Lancia Racing Team.

The development and development of the car took place in very short times but gratifying and unexpected technical results were equally obtained. Only 4 specimens were produced and the pilots who took turns in the 1982 season were Michele Laboreto, Piercarlo Ghinzani, Teo Fabi and Riccardo Patrese. The colors were those of Martini Racing and the main cigarette sponsor was the MS cigarette brand.

The main opponent of that one season was the powerful Porsche 956 which won the title but the Lancia LC1 won 3 of the 8 races scheduled for the season.



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