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Lancia Delta Integrale HF 16v Martini SPORTLINE EDITION '91 "1000 LAKES"


Complete graphics

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In 1991 the Lancia team, for reasons related to sponsors and the prohibitions of some countries on the consumption of alcoholic beverages, decided to replace the Martini logos with the Sportline logos in Finland and Montecarlo. Thus was born the Lancia Delta Martini Sportline Edition, also known as "1000 Lakes" from the name of the Finnish Rally.



The Martini livery was done in paint on the hood and sides. This decoration also covered the car's irregular and protruding grilles and details down to the smallest detail. The Sportline logos on the hood and doors were also in paint. Everything else, including the Lancia, Sportline logos (roof and rear), sun visors and technical sponsors were adhesive decals.





Completely in paint as the original (with only the small sponsors made in adhesive) with the same colors and painting methods of the time that give the car a further authenticity value. The stickers of the Lancia, Sportline and original technical sponsor logos are made with high quality conformable vinyls, applied with hot methodology for a very long duration. The measurements and the positioning of the liveries and stickers are extremely accurate and come from our archives obtained from the workings on the cars of the time. The realization of the complete graphics requires the car to be stopped at our Turin headquarters.

This realization is particularly suitable for the graphic makeover and the restoration on original cars of the time, and for ex official cars destined for exhibitions, historical revival and exhibitions at prestigious car showrooms and fairs.


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Faithful reproduction all in adhesive, performed with high quality conformable vinyls, applied with hot method for a very long duration. The measurements and positioning of the liveries and stickers are very accurate and come from surveys carried out on original historic cars..

This realization is particularly suitable for cars that participate in historical rally competitions, for non-original cars that take part in classic car rallies organized by clubs, or for simple enthusiasts.

The possibility of total removal of the livery without affecting the paintwork of the body is guaranteed years later.






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It is possible to purchase the Complete kit stickers Lancia Delta Integrale 16v Martini Sportline Edition '91 which includes the Lancia, Martini, Sportline logos. Shipment to any address in Europe, USA, Japan. 

lancia delta integrale hf 16v martini sportline 91 1000 lakes kit sticker adhesive decal



The Lancia Delta Integrale, evolution of the Delta 4WD, was presented in 1987 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The first version, Lancia Delta 8v, immediately began to reap resounding successes especially with Miki Biasion, the only Italian driver in history who managed to win the Drivers' world title. In 1989 the car evolved into the Lancia Delta 16v version, continuing to ring series victories and bringing the Lancia Delta Integrale to be considered one of the most successful cars of all time in the history of the Rally. The Martini livery in the Delta 16v presented initially with the innovative Martini red livery, never replicated in history. At the beginning of the 1990 season, the Lancia decided to return to the white color of the cars and to a more traditional Martini livery. In 1992 the last version of the car, the Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione, went on track, winning the Manufacturers 'World Championship but losing the Drivers' one in favor of the Spaniard Carlos Sainz who was hired the following year. In 1991 the Fiat Group unexpectedly announced the withdrawal of the Lancia brand's races, throwing millions of fans into despair. Starting in 1993, the Lancia still took part in several World Championship races and minor championships with the resources of private investors and sponsors, but in fact, without the support of Fiat, the golden season of the legendary Rally victories ended forever.



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