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Lancia Delta Integrale HF 8v TOTIP


Complete graphics

the images are purely indicative, the final graphics will be agreed in detail with the customer




Alex Fiorio raced numerous world championship races with the Lancia Delta Totip signed by PubbliMais. The stickers were provided by Jolly Club of Milan.



The orange livery was done in paint on the roof, sides, hood, rear side. This decoration also covered the car's irregular and protruding grilles and details down to the smallest detail. Everything else including the Totip sponsors, the Lancia badges and the Michelin, Fiat and Jolly Club lettering were adhesive decals.





Complete execution with machine downtime at our headquarters in Turin (Italy).


The graphics of the green and orange Totip livery will be entirely made in paint like the original - with only the sponsors made in adhesive - with the same colors and painting methods of the reference era, which give an additional value of authenticity to the car.

The tracing of the Totip livery will be carried out through a manual and artisanal manufacturing process that makes use of our original casts, those from which the livery of the official cars of the time was obtained. The final result of the painted surfaces will also take into account the historical period therefore modern super glossy finishes will not be used if not present at the time.

The stickers of the Lancia and Fiat, theTotip, Pirelli, Michelin lettering and all the technical sponsors will be made of the highest quality Cast adhesive - with protective plasticization against atmospheric agents and abrasions - to faithfully replicate the sizes and colors of the originals. 

This creation is particularly suitable for the graphic makeover and restoration of former official and original cars of the time, destined for shows and exhibitions at prestigious car showrooms and fairs.

This process is the most valuable and among other things gives the car a sort of "license" of authenticity as it is performed by the same hands and by the same company that made the historical graphics at the time.


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All the graphics will be done completely in adhesive, both as regards the technical sponsors and for the Fina livery, creating an accurate replica of the paint version.

The stickers of the logos Lancia and Fiat, the Totip, PirelliMichelin and all the technical sponsors will be made of the highest quality Cast adhesive - with protective plasticization against atmospheric agents and abrasions - to faithfully replicate the measurements and colors of the originals.

For the Totip adhesive livery, conformable Cast adhesive vinyls of the highest quality are used, applied with hot method for a very long duration, which also allow application on all the rounded and curved parts of the car body.

If the car is sold, the adhesive graphics can be completely removed without affecting the original paint of the car body. Where necessary, we also carry out the protection of the adhesive graphics with transparent protective varnish for a varnish-like effect.

This process is particularly suitable for road or historic cars - but not official - that participate in revivals and historic rally competitions, for non-original cars that take part in classic car rallies organized by clubs, or for simple enthusiasts.



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It is possible to purchase the Complete kit stickers Lancia Delta 8v Totip. Shipment to any address in Europe, USA, Japan. 


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