PubbliMais created the original graphics of the Abarth, Fiat, Lancia cars that won the World Rally Championship. It still reproduces these graphics on the cars of collectors and enthusiasts from all over the world. We have a huge photographic sample from the end of the 60s to 1993 which allows us to perform very accurate graphic reconstructions. In particular, we are able to reconstruct the COMPLETE GRAPHICS OF ANY RALLY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RACE played by a Lancia car with Martini livery, including race plates, flags, driver number holders and other graphic details of the specific race. In the reproductions below are represented the historic Italian rally and racing cars of which we entirely create the graphics and represent only a part of the cars of which we have the templates, the color samples, the measures to be able to perform an identical replica to the original. Besides PubbliMais has restored the historic liveries of a large number of foreign cars: Alpine Renault, Porsche 911, from the Ford Cortina, Audi Quattro, Renault R5, Toyota Celica, Ford Escort.


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Lancia Delta Evo Grifone Esso






Fiat 131 Abarth Corsa Olio Fiat

Lancia Delta HF 8v Martini 




In order to faithfully reproduce the ORIGINAL graphics of these glorious rally cars it is essential to have:

1) the DRAWINGS and the original casts

2) the original COLORS

3) the original STICKERS


PubbliMais has created at least one copy for each historic rally car of the racing era and is therefore able to perform these graphics with absolute fidelity to the official cars.

The graphics of all the cars were made in paint at the time and today it is possible to make reproductions faithful to the original graphics made starting from the same drawings of the time.

There are both paint and adhesive versions.

 Paint execution


The livery graphics will be entirely made of paint with the same procedures used to decorate historic cars at the time of racing. The technical sponsors will be made of the highest quality Cast adhesive to faithfully replicate the sizes and colors of the originals. The working days depend on the car model and the chosen graphic version. This process is the most valuable and, among other things, gives the car a sort of "license" of authenticity, being carried out by the same hands and in the same company as the historical ones from the 70s to 1993.

 Execution in adhesive


All the graphics will be performed at our headquarters completely in adhesive, both as regards the technical sponsors and for the liveries, creating an accurate replica of the paint version. Special high quality adhesive vinyls are used which allow application also on all rounded and curved parts of the bodywork, on grilles and air intakes. This process is more suitable for road or historical but unofficial cars, or for cars that participate in revivals and historical rallies. Adhesive graphics can be removed if the car is sold.

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