Pubblimais.com, Section of historical processes completely renewed!

We are happy to announce that we finished the makeover of the HISTORICAL ARCHIVE section within the menu item WORKS ON RALLY CARS.

The PubbliMais historical archive is one of the sections we care about the most. We had wanted to renew this section for many months as we were not fully satisfied with the functionality and practicality of the various internal pages, furthermore the images of the cars were too few and small in size. We have therefore set to work with great desire to recover and restore the original images, and we have also created a new approach: now it is possible to select the images of the cars based on the most famous historic Car Manufacturers for which we have carried out work: Abarth, Lancia, Fiat and many others (with some nice surprises!).

The liveries that you will see in the images belong to cars that took part in the World Rally Championships, the European and Italian Rally Championships and other international competitions and were all painted by Vinicio Mais, founder of Pubbli Mais, from the end of the 60s to the beginning of the 2000. The Historic Rally is the protagonist but you can also find cars that have raced in the World Superprototype Championships, Gran Turismo, Formula 1 and the German DTM championship.

Here's a little sample:

Now that this effort is over, we can announce that in the coming weeks a section will be created that in fact was really missing. It will probably be called LATEST WORKS (again within the menu item WORKS ON RALLY CARS) and on the inside pages you will be able to admire the most significant works carried out by us, Roberto and Luca Mais, in the last 10-15 years. They are valuable works, in paint and adhesive for the most important clients, from the Macaluso Foundation to Dallara Automobili, from Girardo & Co. to Auto Classic and other large private collectors. Of course in almost all these works there is always a hand of dad Vinicio!


For now, enjoy with our renewed HISTORICAL ARCHIVE !!!!!



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