The timeless Fiat 131 Alitalia

It is always a great pleasure to be able to work on the Alitalia paint livery of a historic Fiat 131 car.

As always, PubbliMais has tradition at heart and is keen to keep the processing methods of the racing era unchanged: manual tracing of the livery starting from historical casts, Alitalia writings in paint like the originals and type of paint compliant with that used at era. Certainly carrying out the work respecting these stringent parameters is undoubtedly more demanding, but the final result can be seen first-hand and fills us with satisfaction. The car - thanks to our painting which avoids the super-gloss and modern effect of many works today - seems to have just come out of one of our laboratories where the graphics were made during the racing era, that is, it recalls the "vintage" effect but at the same time it is extremely clean and with attention to detail, even the smallest. The difference is clearly made by the finishing and the attention to those details that a great enthusiast can grasp and appreciate.

The photos of the work on this car have had great success on social media (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) and for this success we thank all those who appreciated and shared our work.

Note: the car you see in the photo underwent cosmetic and car body interventions by other specialists after our work, therefore the images do not exactly reflect its current appearance.


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