Race for Glory, we went to see it!


This is the adjective that best describes our state of mind after watching the film of the moment, Race for Glory, at the cinema! Race for Glory (full title si Race for Glory Audi Vs Lancia) is a film produced and starring Riccardo Scamarcio which tells the story of the 1983 World Rally Championship, when the Lancia 037 succeeded its rivals Audi, the highly equipped German team, thanks to ingenuity and tenacity of Cesare Fiorio and the entire Lancia Team, starting with the legendary German driver Walter Röhrl.


There are many aspects that we appreciated about the film: the driving scenes filmed live without the aid of special effects, the non-trivial acting of Scamarcio in the role of Cesare Fiorio, an at times pressing screenplay which tells a beautiful story with measure and effectiveness. history without ever falling into exaggeration, the ability to bring to life the atmosphere of adrenaline and the spirit of great participation that revolved around the Rally in the so-called golden years. Certainly the director has granted himself some "licenses": certain characters and events have been fictionalized or adapted to the year 1983 for screenplay reasons and we understand that some insiders may have turned up their noses. But we must not forget that this work is not a documentary which is asked to tell in detail the exact sequence of events as they chronologically happened but to be an enjoyable, free-flowing, exciting and understandable film for everyone. In this sense the film captures the biggest target, that is, being able to immerse the viewer for an hour and a half in that fabulous historical moment in which everything was possible and Italy got the whole world talking for its unrepeatable sporting exploits.
For this reason, we publicly thank Riccardo Scamarcio for having carefully documented himself - primarily involving Cesare Fiorio and then also the mechanics, technicians and other personalities who experienced the events described firsthand - and for bringing to the big screen a film that is beautiful to watch. , capable of capturing the essence of those years and bringing a new renewed enthusiasm to the entire historic rally sector like never before, and this is undoubtedly its greatest merit!

Finally, we are proud to remember that the presentation of this film was accompanied in some Italian cities such as Rome and Milan by the presence of an original ex-official Lancia 037 Martini (owned by the prestigious Fondazione Gino Macaluso per l'Auto Storica) completely painted and decorated by us: Vinicio, Roberto and Luca Mais. A great satisfaction to see that this car, which was also driven and shown by Scamarcio during various television programs such as "Viva Rai2!" conducted by by the famous italian showman Fiorello.


In conclusion, if you haven't seen Race of Glory yet, run to the cinema or look for it in streaming or we no longer consider you true Rally fans!


Lancia 037 Martini: above, with Luca and Roberto from PubbliMais posing with the car; below, at the presentation of the film.


Other official photos from the official presentation of the film Race for Glory (Credits from their respective owners)


A video on Youtube that tells the true story of the 1983 World Rally Championship.


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