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They talk about us in the new monthly magazine just launched by ACI. We're talking about YOUNG CLASSIC and the just-released June 2023 issue in which you can read the article about the history of the Alfa Romeo 156 (in particular the 156 registered AW588LL) and the famous black and blue lines that ran along the sides. Pubbli Mais is particularly known for its contribution to the creation of rally liveries for Lancia and Fiat cars at the time of racing, but another interesting and curious part of its history concerns the period between the early 90s and early 2000s in which Mais Vinicio worked on the strips of the cars of AGNELLI family. A period of which we are particularly proud for the prestige of the workmanship and of the clients.


On pages 70 and 75 of the magazine we read:

"At this point, the story of this 156 is grafted into another, perhaps even more interesting and which perhaps one day I will tell you about the classic automobile: that of the Pubblimais of Turin. Vinicio Mais, tell the sons Luca and Roberto still in activity, had created all the graphics of the Agnelli family cars from 1990 to the 2000s with the classic dark and blue double stripe. In the archives of Pubblimais, together with the others (Panda, Deltone, Multipla, Lancia Zeta and, he reports, even a Bmw Serie 3 E36 Cabriolet) there are two works for as many Alfa Romeo 156, one in November 1998 and the other in the following month of December. One of these belongs to Yonha and to certify the illustrious past and the chronological extract of the AW588LL plate and its chassis number ZAR93200001034740: first owner, Agnelli Umberto born in Lausanne on November 1, 1934.”

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