Pubbli Mais at Autolook Week Torino

We could not miss the first edition of Autolook Week (7-11 September 2022), an extraordinary event promoted by the City of Turin and the Piedmont Region and which took place right in our beautiful city. For the occasion, a large open-air exhibition of historic cars was set up in Piazza San Carlo. Cars that have made the history of motorsport and that the public was able to admire in great freedom, without even paying the entrance ticket. An extraordinary gift for Turin, therefore our thanks go in particular to the founder of the event, Andrea Levy, and to Paolo D'Alessio who took care of the design and organization.

Several cars that participated in Autolook came out of the Pubbli Mais graphic workshops (for complete or partial restorations) and were particularly appreciated during these days. We are talking, for example, of Lancia Stratos Alitalia, Toyota Celica, Ferrari 308 Marlboro, F1 Lotus, Fiat 124. We naturally went to photograph them and enjoy the show!


pubblimais roberto graphics italy turin torino lancia stratos alitalia autolook week event 2022 san carlo square international fiat 124
Roberto Mais at Autolook Weel Torino 2022


pubblimais ferrari marlboro pubbli mais signature autolook torino
lancia stratos macaluso alitalia san carlo square signature pubbli mais torino pubblimais autolook 2022
toyota celica signature pubbli mais pubblimais torino autolook 2022 event

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