In this section it is possible to consult our catalogs with all the stickers on the historic Italian rally and racing cars Abarth, Fiat, Lancia. The stickers are already the right size and can be purchased individually. The following pages are constantly updated and also contain famous historical stickers of non-italian rally cars.

Sponsors, Brands and Writings (Stickers and masks)

martini lancia pirelli sportline abarth alitalia hf

Sponsor tables for car doors

tablet sponsor car doors historical cars rally

Race plates (replica in adhesive, rigid support or embossed plates like original ones)

race plates bonnet shop sanremo montecarlo rally pubblimais adhesive

Number plates for car doors

plaques numers car doors rally marlboro montecarlo rac

Drivers names

couple driver names alen kivimaki biasion auriol toivonen sainz stickers rally shop

Sun visor stickers

stickers sun viso adhesive rally cars lancia delta martini racing fiat abarth shop

Special stickers Crick, fire extinguesher, battery

rally decals stickers shop

Plates, flags, country code and other stickers

registration plates countries flags italy gb france spain germany england gran bretain rally cars historical stickers decals

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