To find out the cost of the stickers, simply write us an email with a list of the stickers you are interested in. Some stickers look similar to each other and it is easy to get confused, therefore to avoid misunderstandings, in this case we invite you to indicate - together with the name, quantity, position of the sticker on the car and the vehicle - also the code that you find next to the graphic preview of the sticker.


Here is an example of order:

SPO-A008       Alitalia                   x 2 pcs.              front fender                      Fiat 131 Alitalia
SPO-M009       Martini logo           x 1 pc.              bonnet                              Lancia Delta 16v Martini '90

SPO-S018          Speedline               x 2 pcs.             door                                 Lancia Delta 8v Martini

PAR_005          Parasole Lancia       x 1 pc.              whindwshield                  Lancia Fulvia


If you are not sure which is the right code or if the sticker does not have codes (for example the race plates), at least report the information you know about the car, the year and the race, and possibly send us a photo, then you we help. In any case, keep in mind that PubbliMais has created in its history the original graphics of at least one example per car in the era in which these racing cars really raced so you don't have to worry about too many details, our stickers are in fact already of the right size and with the graphics faithful to the original.

You will then receive a summary email from us indicating the total cost estimate, the payment method and shipping costs. Shipments are made throughout Italian territory, in Europe, outside the EU and also in other areas of the world (USA, Japan, etc.) with longer times.





D: How long does it take to receive the stickers?

R: The times for the preparation and shipment of the package may vary, depending on whether it is a kit or single stickers, moreover it must be considered that some stickers are ready for sticking in our warehouse while others must be printed. Generally, for a complete kit it takes about 8-15 days maximum for the realization, preparation of the package and delivery of the package to the courier. Usually for complete Martini kits (livery and sponsor) it takes about 8-15 days maximum to prepare. Couriers in Italy take 1-2 days for delivery, while for abroad it takes approximately 1-2 weeks or more (unless you ship via express mode).

The delivery can also be notified by hand with collection at our headquarters in Turin, in this case obviously there are no shipping costs


D: What can I do if I want to customize some stickers?

R: Some stickers such as drivers' names, race numbers and plates can be customized, remember to tell us in the email what you want us to say. Usually there will be no additional cost except in cases of particularly complex customized reconstructions or invented logos.


D: Are the sizes of the stickers indicated in the shop accurate?

R: No, for the most part they are only indicative as the images are deliberately distorted to protect authenticity.


D: Why are the graphic previews of the single stickers so tiny?
R: The PubbliMais website is, in the rally graphics sector, the most visited and imitated by those who sell historic rally stickers. Our stickers are not made from imaginative imitations but are made from the original casts of the stickers of the time, therefore you will never find an image of a sponsor taken from the front and in high resolution, just to preserve this important historical heritage.


D: I found the type of sticker I am interested in but I don't see any codes.

R: For some stickers such as the race plates, the codes are not provided, it is sufficient to simply indicate in the estimate the year and the race of interest and perhaps also the numbering to be included in the plate. For example: Rallye Sanremo 1986 # 6 plate for Delta S4.


D: How do you know if a sticker that is present on both sides in the original car is sold individually or in pairs?

R: The exact content of the supply is ALWAYS shown in the product image on the left, so rely on the image.

If the product image is single it means that the sponsor is identical for both sides of the car, therefore the product will consist of only one unit. In this case, if you need the stickers for both sides of the car you will have to order 2 (for example No. 2 door circles for Fulvia Marlboro, No. 2 Martini logos for car doors etc.).
On the other hand, when the stickers of a sponsor are different depending on the side of the car, in the product image the graphics of the double sponsor will be reproduced with the differences for both sides (for example Abarth 131 - 131 Abarth or the Erg mirrors) therefore with a order only we will buy the stickers for both sides together. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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