Enthusiasts love to reproduce on their cars the graphics that have made rally history (Martini, Totip, Fina, Marlboro, Alitalia, etc.), and often further customize the graphics by requesting to replicate the exact configuration of a given World Championship race. rally; Monte-Carlo Rally, Sanremo, Argentina, Portugal, Tour de Corse, RAC, Swedish, Safari, 1000 Lakes, Acropolis ... you are spoiled for choice! Hence the names, numbers and race plates complete the livery and the official sponsors.



Nowadays it has been possible with modern printing technology to reproduce with excellent fidelity all the adhesive elements that make up the historic rally graphics. The only exception has always been represented by the race plates originally fixed on the bonnet and on the rear side of the car, which are still reproduced in stickers. These plates were originally in rigid support and, as in the case of Montecarlo, Sanremo, Tour de Corse, the edges and letters that were in relief.

Let's see for example some images of the 1990 Targa Montecarlo riveted to the bonnet of the Lancia Delta 16v Martini.


PubbliMais has thus begun to supply its customers - in addition to the adhesive reproductions - also the plates in rigid support, plastic or aluminum.

Unfortunately, the problem of embossed plates still remained. We realized that it is not easy for an owner of a historic car to get hold of an embossed race number plate. If you are lucky enough to find a supplier able to replicate them, often the original graphics of the plate are not perfectly reproduced identical to the original (there is also no photographic reference material) but you take a mold that is the same for all the years of the race and you they only modify the figures that make up the year of the edition of the race. Even the dimensions of each plate are standard and often do not respect the original ones, moreover the waiting times to obtain the plate can take months and the costs are quite high.

And if you know any collector who owns the original number plates of the car that raced the race at the time of the rally, the costs could become very high even for the most generous pockets.

Due to these difficulties, unfortunately nowadays many prestigious ex-official cars, perhaps still preserved in the original livery of the time, have adhesive replicas in place of the embossed plates and this represents a small discordant note that cannot go unnoticed by the most expert eyes.




In 2021, at PubbliMais, we therefore decided to commit ourselves and find a solution to create this product and at the level of the other elements that make up the graphics of historic rally cars. Faithful to the tradition that sees us able to make any product at home, we began for months to carry out tests on many materials that allowed us to replicate the relief effect of the original plates.

Starting with some replicas of original plates and after many failed attempts, we are convinced that we have succeeded in our objective and that we have filled this gap in the market for historic rally products.




PubbliMais is today pleased to present its new product, made entirely by hand at its premises.

This plate in relief on aluminum support produced by PubbliMais can be riveted to the bonnet or other parts of the body like the original, and it is possible to fold it to make it adhere to the irregular car body shapes. The strengths are represented by the aesthetic fidelity to the original and by the reliefs of the letters and edges excellently reproduced and by the pleasant sensation you get by passing your finger over them. In addition, the graphics of each edition of each race of the golden years of the rally are faithfully reconstructed in the smallest details, no plate is the same as the other.

The visual and tactile effect is very close to that of the original number plates of the time.

The final product is suitable for all the most demanding owners, who with a more than affordable price will be able to show off the perfect replica of the glorious original race badges on the bonnets and on the back of their cars and amaze friends and fans.


Request a quote by indicating the race of the World Rally Championship you want to reproduce.

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