One of the characteristics that made the history of Martini graphics on Lancia rally cars was undoubtedly the combination of the Martini livery with the Martini logo stickers. At the time, these stickers were serially printed in large quantities because it was not possible to print less than a few hundred copies and had unique characteristics, such as mirror gold and very opaque and homogeneous color shades. 




The adhesives produced by us until recently, while representing a good product with excellent resistance, did not have all the characteristics of the originals. Even those seen on many other cars around Europe did not totally convince us, there was always some element that did not work or was not consistent with the original stickers: sometimes it was a color that did not resemble, sometimes it was the presence of steps between the colors, at other times it was the loss of the original color of the mirror gold or the seal of the adhesive on surfaces that are not smooth like those of historic cars. We did not want to settle, knowing that somewhere there was the right recipe to make ends meet. After months and months of studies and experiments, we have recently finally managed to obtain a fully satisfactory result that even surpasses the original reference product in quality.


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A kit Martini Pubblimais ready for shipping



The adhesives made today have a great seal and resistance to atmospheric agents and abrasions. They are also made in the original dimensions and colors and with mirror gold that does not fade, made with a screen printing process as at the time but with a very high resistance, smooth to the touch (without steps between the colors) and without overlapping colors (abundances) in fact unsightly.

Martini are available in the sizes and variants of any World Championship race and for all positions on the cars.

With these stickers the car will acquire an even greater value and will be noticed for its aesthetics on all occasions: rallies, revivals, races and exhibition fairs.



Order the stickers individually or a complete Martini kit for your car to get a good saving.




The new Lancia EVO037 - just created by KIMERA AUTOMOBILI and ready for participation in the Rally Costa Smeralda storico 2022 with Miki Biasion and Tiziano Siviero driving the car - is decorated with our Martini stickers.

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