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Description and notes

SPO-C001 Campagnolo
  cars: Lancia Stratos Alitalia

SPO-C002 Campagnolo italics
  cars: Ritmo Abarth Fiat

SPO-C003 Campione del Mond + flag
  cars: Lancia Stratos Alitalia

SPO-C004 Canonica
  cars: Lancia 037 Grifone Olio Fiat

SPO-C005 Carello black
  cars: Lancia Stratos Alitalia, Fiat 131 Abarth Alitalia, Lancia Delta Martini '88-92'

SPO-C006 Carello blue
  cars: Fiat 131 Abarth Fiat

SPO-C007 Carello pre-spaced white
  cars: Lancia Delta 16v red Martini '89

SPO-C008 Carello white with blue outline
  Lenght: cm. 25 / as you like

SPO-C009 Carello black on white background
   Lenght: cm. 20 / as you like

SPO-C010 Casino Sanremo
  cars: Lancia 037 Grifone Olio Fiat Sanremo '84

SPO-C011 Cecomp
  cars: Lancia Delta Martini 16v '90-91'

cecomp adhesive sticker
SPO-C012 Cecomp
  cars: Lancia Delta Evo Martini/Sportline '92

SPO-C013 Cecomp pre-spaced
  Lenght: cm. 15 / as you like

SPO-C014 Champion red-black
  cars: Lancia Stratos Alitalia, Fiat 124 Abarth '72

SPO-C015 Champion blue
  cars: Lancia Delta Martini 16v '90-91'

SPO-C016 Champion con box
  cars: Lancia Delta Evo Martini/Sportline '92

SPO-C016A Cinturato Pirelli
  cars: Fiat 124 ABarth '72

SPO-C016AA Cinzano
  cars: Fiat 131 Abarth Olio Fiat

SPO-C016B Comesa
  cars: Lancia Delta Totip Repsol

SPO-C017 Colotti Trasmissioni
  cars: Lancia Beta Montecarlo Martini 

SPO-C018 Cricket & Co
  cars: Lancia Delta Fina '91

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Pubblimais Rally Torino




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