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Our sticker kits include the technical sponsors of the most famous Italian historic racing cars branded Abarth, Fiat, Lancia starting from the Lancia Fulvia Montecarlo (black hood) up to the Lancia Delta HF Evoluzione. This page is constantly updated, even if you don't find the kit you like, write to us anyway because it is very likely that we have it in production.

It is appropriate to make some preliminary considerations. Sometimes there are several versions of the same car that differ graphically in some small details depending on the race they took part in and there cannot be a definitive fixed selection for each supply that does not derive from small compromises. Let's not forget that the stickers at the time were often applied with a certain haste and imprecision to cope with the limited timing of the preparation of the races and not infrequently stickers of previous cars were recycled to complete the graphics of some particular editions. It was therefore necessary to reach a compromise in the selection of sponsors to be included, sometimes favoring the ones most in use, in other cases, however, various variants are included in the kit in order to be able to reconstruct the preferred version according to one's tastes.

The kits can be enriched and completed with the plates of the most famous race editions, some livery parts in stickers, the drivers' names and the numbers on the doors (see the specific section). It is also possible to request an edition of a particular rally not present in our catalog by sending us photos and indicating any special needs and keeping in mind that the study for customized and customized selections not included in our catalog could entail additional costs due to time. necessary to make the required changes and to print the new material.

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Pubblimais Rally Torino




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