Kit stickers Lancia Fulvia Coupé Marlboro '72-73'

The standard Kit for the Lancia Fulvia Marlboro includes the supply of all the technical and commercial sponsors, writings and brands in the original sizes and colors of the time. The kit also includes the names of the drivers Munari / Mannucci world rally champions, the white triangle on the bonnet (supplied with 2 small supplementary triangles in case of incorrect application), the number plate circles on the doors, and the white stripes on the rear trunk. The triangle and the white circles are supplied in highly resistant and conformable material, specific for cars, and with Easy Apply technology for easier application.

On request, in addition to the generic configuration, those reproducing the exact livery of the individual world championships are also available, for example the Rallye Sanremo 1972, with Ballestrieri / Bernacchini first classified (the supply includes the Sanremo 1972 plates in adhesive, the two white circles with red border and the stickers of the large numbers 2 on the doors, as well as obviously the names of the drivers).




The various livery parts can be ordered individually: white triangle, white number plate rims, white rear bonnet stripes.

lancia fulvia marlboro kit livery triangle


Do you want to have the complete graphics for this car made of paint or adhesive?







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