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Kit Martini 6 Blacktop for Lancia Delta Evolution black


The Martini 6 Blacktop complete Kit for black Lancia Delta Evo is identical to the classic Martini 6 version for white Lancia Delta, with the difference that the light blue color and the dark blue color of the livery stripes are replaced by chrome gray (or metallic silver) and black respectively. The LANCIA shield, the black words WORLD RALLY CHAMPION and MARTINI RACING will also be in chrome gray (or metallic silver).


 MARTINI LIVERY includes No. 10 shared bands + No. 1 additional sticker for adaptation to versions with square tank cap (4WD, 8v, 16v).

lancia delta martini 6 livery sticker kit
lancia delta martini 6 livery sticker adhesive kit


The kit is printed on automotive specific Cast adhesive vinyl material long duration with super thin glossy protective laminate.

The application of adhesives is facilitated thanks to the Easy-Apply technology. The Kit fits all Lancia Delta and includes an additional sticker for the versions with the square shaped tank cap.

SPONSORS and WRITINGS includes the following technical sponsors and the following writings to be combined with Martini 6 livery:


No. 1 Lancia shield

No. 2 Martini Racing grey writings 

No. 3 World Rally Champion grey writings

No. 2 HF


The brands and writings are printed in Cast adhesive vinyl material specific for vehicles and this colors will be grey or metallic silver.

Write us an e-mail and request a quote for the KIT, we will notify you of the payment method and the total amount including shipping costs.








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