The historic duo Munari-Mannucci is recomposed ... or almost


When they commissioned us to create the writings of the famous Lancia Fulvia drivers - Munari/Mannucci - specifying that the initials of the names should have been F. and A. instead of  S. and M. we immediately understood that a surprise was being prepared. 

The wives Flavia Munari and Ariella Mannucci have decided to board the Fulvia together and thus recompose the historic couple MUNARI / MANNUCCI that has achieved so many triumphs in the past.
The opportunity presented itself with the 25th edition of the VERNASCA SILVER FLAG which is held annually in Piacenza. A historic gathering made even more special this year by the presence of this new and dynamic duo. And U.S? Proud in our small way to have given our contribution to this special event.
The photos on this page are only a preview of the original images that you can find by requesting registration with the Facebook group MUNARI-MANNUCCI FAN CLUB (OFFICIAL GROUP)


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