The buses of Gheddafi

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"It had never happened to me to take serious risks for some mistake in the execution of logos and advertising writings but this is what happened in the early 1970s when I was contacted by FIAT CAMERI in the province of Novara for a very important job. in fact, they commissioned the execution of a logo and writings in Arabic alphabet to be made in paint on several dozen buses destined for Colonel Gaddafi's Libya. The problem was that the texts were written in Arabic and there was the risk of reproducing a piece of Arabic letter a little longer or shorter or slightly different that could involuntarily distort the meaning of a sentence, in short, there was a serious risk of create a diplomatic incident! And this is why my collaborators and I checked every single letter and character to exasperation during the execution of the work. In the end I personally felt very satisfied and gratified by the compliments of Fiat and I breathed a big sigh of relief! "


Some images of Lybia in the 70s (original pics taken form these linksfoto 1 and foto 2).


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Pubblimais Rally Torino




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